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To ensure that the correct parts are chosen for the vehicle you require, you will need to ensure that you are choosing the correct Year of Manufacture. This is not the same as the date that a vehicle was registered, as often there will be a several-month-delay between a vehicle's production and registration.

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TECH Europe is focused on supplying the very best Tyre Pressuring Monitoring System solution for you, the TECH TPMS website offers a complete range of OE sensors and service parts, as well as an extensive range of TECH after-market sensors and service parts. In addition to this, TECH is partner to and largest European wholesaler for TPMS world leaders ATEQ, who specialise in diagnostic tools for both assembly lines and tyre repair shops.

Our most valuable resource is the TECH TPMS vehicle look-up which is continually updated in order to ensure that everyone, can with ease, find suitable replacement parts for any European vehicle fitted with TPMS.

Exclusive to TECH TPMS distributors, this site functions as a full e-commerce ordering platform, allowing you to research, select and order all TPMS products online 24/7. As TPMS market leaders and the European TPMS specialists, TECH Europe can provide your complete solution.