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H36 All Sensor Upgrade

Upgrade for H36 to enable tool to program all major aftermarket programmable TPMS sensors.

Comparative Part Numbers: T72-20-646


H46 OBDII Module - Includes Upgrade to all sensors

Besides an OBDII Module, this package includes an all sensor upgrade, enabling your H46 to program popular aftermarket TPMS sensor... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: PREM-H46-OBD, T72-20-652


VT55 12 Month Data Update

A 12 month subscription update for ATEQ branded VT55 tools. Please note our subscription updates are not compatible with alternat... (more)

Barcode: 5055563006520

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ TOOL UPGRADE, T72-20-631


Mitsubishi TPMS Reset Tool

To be used in conjunction with the VT55 or VT56 diagnostic tools to reset the TPMS on Mitsubishi vehicles. Please be aware that th... (more)

Barcode: 5055563006476

Comparative Part Numbers: , T72-20-633


VT15 TPMS Exciter Tool

The ATEQ VT15 is a universal TPMS activator. It is compatible with all currently known tyre sensors. Fully updateable via interne... (more)

Barcode: 5055563001082

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ-VT15-Kit, T72-20-612


Tread Depth Gauge

The ATEQ Tread Depth Gauge allows you to capture the inner, centre and outer tread depth for each tyre, and to store this informat... (more)

Barcode: 5055563006469

Comparative Part Numbers: , 5623976, T72-20-632


VT56 Docking Station + Printer

This Docking Station and Printer is for use with the VT56 Diagnostic Tool, further expanding its usability. The rugged Docking St... (more)

Barcode: 5055563003987

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ-VT56-DOCK+PRINTER, 5623972, T72-20-615


H46, OBDII and 50 Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle

The Hamaton H46, OBDII & 50 T-Pro™ Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle is the ideal TPMS solution for any business looking to future-p... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: T72-20-676


VT56 Printer Roll x 20

A pack of 20 printer rolls for the VT56 printer included with ATE-D004.

Barcode: 5055563005004

Comparative Part Numbers: PRINTER-ROLL, T72-20-627


H46 and 24 Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle

The H46 & 24 T-Pro™ Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle is the ideal TPMS solution for any business looking to future-proof their TPMS ... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: T72-20-672


VT55 OBDII Module

ATEQ VT55 OBDII Module for connecting ATEQ VT55 to Vehicle's ECU to enable TPMS relearns where applicable.

Barcode: 5055563001044

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ-5502-Module, T72-20-603


H36 and 16 Hybrid 1.5 Sensor Bundle

The H36 & T-Pro™ Starter bundle is ideal for a workshop starting out in TPMS or an established workshop with existing diagno... (more)

Comparative Part Numbers: T72-20-673


OBDII Peugeot Adaptor

Adaptor cable to allow ATEQ VT55 OBDII connectivity to Peugeot vehicles.

Barcode: 5055563001020

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ-5502-Adaptor, T72-20-604


VT55/VT56 Euro/UK Charger

European and UK charging adaptor for the ATEQ VT55/VT56 Unit.

Barcode: 5055563001037

Comparative Part Numbers: ATEQ-5502-Charger, T72-20-607